Welcome to our Art and Stitch Stay @ Home Classes



  • In each Stay @ Home class Loes will show special drawing / digitizing techniques in Art and Stitch and various ways to get creative results, all focused on one subject.
  • The Stay @ Home Classes can be compared to our Art and Stitch Retreats given at several locations in the USA. Those Retreats are turned into online drawing/ designing/ digitizing classes, with more and newer tips and techniques. You can follow the classes online - no traveling for you, no traveling for us.
  • Each class includes 5 or more video lessons showing various techniques in Art and Stitch. You can watch those videos at your own time, your own pace, replay as many times as you like.
  • Each class includes a printable class handout with step by step descriptions of the techniques.
  • AND you will get the finished designs too (so you can cheat big time, by just using the designs and not creating them yourself :)


And the price? 

US$ 45 - US$ 65 per class

(depending on the number of video lessons and designs in the class). 

Yes, it's a super package deal!



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